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At UK Fluid Art Events, we love creating fluid art, it is such an exciting technique. All over the UK, there are many people creating fluid art paintings. However, this experience can be quite insular and lonely. The majority of people are self taught, mainly through watching YouTube videos. We want to create events where we can all come together, learning techniques in person, being with fellow artists and most importantly creating a community and having fun.

From this idea, the UK Fluid Art Events was born. We started with a day event in Newent, Gloucestershire last September 2023. From the feedback we received from this event, it was an amazing success. We enjoyed the whole experience but felt for our second gathering, we wanted to give more time to people and slow down the whole event. With this is mind, we’ve decided to create a 2 day retreat.

Our intention is to create events all around the country, bringing the UK fluid community together.

UK Fluid Art Events and Retreats
"We wanted to provide a relaxed, welcoming environment for people of all abilities to come and have fun, learn from each other and create beautiful art."
Julie Vatcher

Setting the standard for fluid art in the United Kingdom

There is a lot of knowledge about fluid art on the web. Unfortunately, much of this information is not specific to the UK. People talk about products that you cannot source in the UK or they are really expensive to import. We know that for the majority of different pours, you can find UK products that do work. This is information that we want to share with you and help you on your journey. 

UK Fluid Art Events and Retreats
UK Fluid Art Events and Retreats

What we teach

At UK Fluid Art we think that is important for you to be able to develop your work and style. Some people just want to create paintings for themselves, however there is a large part of the community who want to sell their art. This means creating pieces that are individual to you and which stand out from the crowd. We wish to impart the joy of fluid art but also we want to help you ‘find your own voice’.

It’s great creating paintings that just happen and you do get some wonderful effects with fluid art. However, we want to teach you the concept of ‘pouring with intention’. This means planning your paintings, knowing about colour theory and how colours work together, implementing knowledge about composition and learning to create paintings that turn out how you want them to appear.

Although Julie and Chris are full time artists, they trained and worked in the graphic design industry. They have a wealth of knowledge about marketing, from social media to selling their work at galleries, art shows and online. All this experience is shared with you at the UK Fluid Art Events.

"I find it a joy to pass onto people my love of this art technique."
Chris Schneider
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