An interview with Monique Oliver

December 23

We're delighted that Monique Oliver has given us an interview. For people who do not know Monique, she has been pouring paint professionally since early 2016 and was one of the first UK artists to pioneer the techniques.

Hi Monique and thank you for talking to us today. Could you tell us a little of your back story and how you came to fluid art?

Delighted! I was an early adopter of fluid art techniques in the UK. Carpel tunnel syndrome meant I was unable to hold a brush for long periods. I needed to find another way to get paint on canvas and pouring the paint seemed the way forward. At the time (2016) there weren’t any Youtube vids or Facebook groups so it was all very much trial and error. I ended up binning a lot of work in those days!


Your work is very dynamic, what are your inspirations and what motivates you?

Subconsciously our brains identify with familiar shapes and respond to patterns. I love incorporating organic elements into semi abstract and abstract work.


Are there any artists whose work you really admire and who you find inspiring?

Arthur Brouthers. While many won’t have heard of him because he isn’t a Youtube celeb – Arthur is actually the OG of the present fluid art movement. His work is complicated and completely unique combining pouring with figurative work and resin. In 2018 I was lucky enough to meet Arthur in person, when I was invited to his first European exhibition in Sweden.


We know you have a passion for the ’bloom’ technique. What drew you into creating blooms?

The challenge! I’m a bit obsessed with pattern and colour and the bloom technique combines both of these elements to striking effect.

©Monique Olivee
"ART has the power to hold a space for us and effect change in our lives."
- Monique Oliver


For artists creating blooms in the UK, there is an ongoing issue regarding supplies of key ingredients to create blooms. Do you know if this has been resolved and do you have any solutions?

The ingredients issue centres around the pouring medium specific to this pouring technique. At the moment, the Dulux Quick Dry Wood & Metal paint and the Good Homes Wood & Metal combined 50:50 to make up the pouring medium is producing the most reliable and consistent results. I do have something up my sleeve as a possible solution, but it needs more testing so I won’t have a definite answer until 2024.


One of the biggest issues for artists today is the time spent on promoting their work as opposed to creating. How do you balance the demands of marketing with painting?

I find this really difficult. I turned professional because I wanted to have more time to paint but the reality is that 80% of my time is actually spent marketing. Personally, I have to build in blocks of time to a very busy diary and be extremely disciplined around that to get creative time.


Do you have any advice for artists creating with fluid art?

Honestly, DON’T rely on Youtube! As a beginner, it’s overwhelming, conflicting and frustrating as hell. Either pay for a workshop or lessons to at least get to grips with the basics and join a decent Facebook group where you have access to veteran pourers willing to help. (The Acrylic Pour UK group being the obvious one which comes to mind).


We were really pleased that you joined us the first ever UK Fluid Art event in September 2023. How did you find the event?

Intense, fabulous and exhausting in about equal measure!


Looking towards the future, have you any plans or events that you would like to share with us for 2024

In order to get some much needed creative time I’m cutting back on planned events for 2024. However, I’m still delivering private lessons direct from my Newent studio and you can catch up with forthcoming events and latest news at: 


Thank you for your great interview Monique and just for fun, here is a quick fire round of questions. Tea or coffee? Coffee in the mornings and tea in the afternoon

Favourite colour Turquoise!

Films – cheesy romcom or chilling horror? Neither – I’m more of a psychological thriller type

City break or a beach holiday? A combo of both hits my sweet spot…

Favourite shaped canvas? 1 metre square

"Using unusual combinations of pattern and colour, my work explores various states of mind and how they can be accessed and potentially manipulated."
- Monique Oliver
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